What is CAD? Best AutoCAD Training Centre in Lucknow

We all come across Buildings, Cars, Machines and things like these, which are being designed with impressive details and remarkable precision.

Have we ever thought as to how engineers and architects have really accomplished this?

What is CAD?

The question that occurs to our mind is whether everyone, who is involved in creating the above things are the masters in the art of design or something is common among them.
Answer is YES.

CAD is common in creating everything.

CAD Stands for Computer Aided Design.

CAD help engineers and architects to achieve the desired precision and detailing in a product be it Machinery or a Building.

With the help of computer skills and the knowledge of the particular industry they are able to produce such magnificent products.

CAD allows engineers to create technical drawings, conceptual designs, 3D models in a virtual space of Computers.

Why CAD is Important?

Collaboration: From the conceptualization to completion it takes enormous effort and time. To achieve the completion of a product, CAD leverages its capability of sharing platform through entire workflow.

Improve Design Quality:

As we are using the capabilities of computer it is quite easy to achieve the precision which is directly linked with quality. The scope of error also gets drastically reduced hence we will have improved quality of Design.

Interoperability: Now we have different stages in CAD i.e. 2D, 3D, Wireframe, Surface Design, Assembly Design, Drawing and drafting, Sheet Metal etc.

Different industry has their own needs and requirements to fulfill this they uses different platforms of CAD.

By using the capabilities of CAD we have a flexibility to work with any platform with an ease. We can edit or change whenever there is any requirement within a span of time.

Accuracy: If we are working on product development, then a few things are very necessary like precision, scale, fit, standard, and alignments.

To achieve this, we should be master in each field which is quite impossible to achieve and if sometimes possible, then it will definitely come with some human errors.

To avoid errors, CAD will help us in every aspect and later we can even change or verify it.

Visualization: with the help of CAD we can generate the 3D which is ambiguous in manual drafting. And further we can use the 3D from CAD to produce realistic image.

CAD software not only makes the design process faster, it also makes the design look more appealing.

With the 3D visual designs, architects and engineers can communicate their vision much more effectively and presentably.

Data Management: CAD leverage a capability of data storage and its management. A product will go under the ‘n’ number of changes and each changes requires a documentation.

If we try to make changes in manual drawings then the document tends to become clumsy and it may cause ambiguity.

To overcome this CAD provide you virtual and even cloud storage, so that one can use data on the go and secure it from the threats and have recent modification ready in a presentable and precise manner.

Future of CAD:

VR Integration: Virtual reality is the future of CAD. With this integration people will have a sense of depth and scale they can even manipulate/edit the design, which is not possible through manual drafting or 2D desktop.

Mobile Handy: Mobile became most powerful asset of our day to day working and it comes with an important feature i.e. portability which enable users to interact with others on the go.

CAD developers are planning to integrate mobiles functionality to the CAD, so that people can share, edit and visualize the data up to the maximum extent.

In view of the above, users are rapidly and increasingly adopting CAD software. It is estimated that by 2023, the global CAD market will reach $11.2 billion. CAD can save time, enhance design quality, and improve the communication of design teams across multiple industries.

From better roads, to more environment-friendly buildings, CAD has the capability and potential to improve the overall design of cities, towns and infrastructure.

CAD CREW Technologies which is a unit registered with MSME came up with an initiative of providing concept driven training in the field of CAD/CAM/ CAE and PPM.

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