Must Know Before Joining Any CAD Training Institute

Once you are planning to join a CAD Institute you need to keep certain things in mind before deciding as to which one is the best suit.

We attempt to give you a clear cut idea on which parameters you should base your decision on.

The precision, accuracy and convenience offered by the Computer Aided Design(CAD) software’s make it necessary requirement for the companies which are involved in design and construction.

As per the survey conducted by Economics Times in Nov’19, 94% Indian Engineers are ill-equipped. That means they do not have the necessary skills to attract a job in the core field.

To overcome the above situation, you need to ask yourself a simple question as to- what are the measures we have to take to remove the tag of ill equipped engineer?

The simplest answer for this question is we need to bridge the gap by learning industry relevant SKILLS. For facilitating you in this learning, we provide you a few key things that you can expect from a CADD Institute, which will definitely help you to make your decision in a faster and better manner.

An Institute which gives insight into multiple disciplines and provides the real Concept oriented training

Must Know Before Joining Any CAD Training Institute

CAD is now involved in various stages of industrial Product Life Cycle (PLC).

Let’s take an example of Mechanical industry which is focused on design and manufacturing (An OEM). Either it is TDP (Technology Development Phase) where we focus on the exploratory and innovation phase of a component, we are using CAD as a platform at each stage (e.g. in 3D printing we require a 3D model.

Or it is PDP (Product Development Phase) where we focus on the functionality and testing phase of a component we are using the capabilities of CAD(e.g. if we need to perform any analysis of the product we must have the 3D Model) .

In case of Architectural and Civil Engineering fields, if an institute is providing you the knowledge of basic CAD and the principles of BIM (Building Information Modeling) then it will benefit you more.

This technology, includes financial or structural information alongside the model, or even integrating real-world components like doors or windows schedule, which can be important for the completion of a project.

So if an institute hives you an insight on multiple discipline and correlate it with the concepts then it will give you a competitive edge to your career.

Whatever field you have consciously chosen for yourself, you should expect your CAD training institute to offer you the exposure and critical skills needed to pursue your professional interests.

The course offered by the institute should navigate the World of CAD

Must Know Before Joining Any CAD Training Institute

The offerings which are associated with the CAD should, among other things, include the importance of documentation, specifications and standards involved in producing a technical document.

Basic principles and standard need to be taught effectively, so that you can easily understand and produce a technical document specific to the field of Engineering.

There are various technical concepts which are associated with the field of engineering and if you ignore them, then the consequences may be high and the tag of ill-equipped engineer will remain, which means whatever efforts you put in, has a ZERO output.

So it is very necessary that the offerings should navigate the World of CAD.

CAD Offerings should always associate with Hands-on practice

CAD has enormous capabilities through which students can learn many exciting opportunities.

Even if you are looking for something different, there are few qualities of CAD, specific to your interest that can be explored with a proper guidance and hands on training. You can achieve expertise through practice and repetition.

In the course of training, you would learn multiple software applications and get to know many interesting tools available within each. You as a creative user, must be able to link your creativity to the manner in which projects are created.

Know your Instructor

Must Know Before Joining Any CAD Training Institute

Knowledge is the outcome of information acquired through sensory input, which may be through reading, watching, listening, touching, etc.

For being knowledgeable, you need to be familiar with factual information and theoretical concepts.

When we talk of Skills, we refer to the ability to apply knowledge to specific situations.

Skills can invariably be nurtured and developed through continuous practice, using suitable sensory input and output.

In simple terms, we may say that knowledge is theoretical and skills are practical.

Let us further clarify this by taking an example. An aerospace engineer may be knowing a lot about avionics and flight theory, but knowing alone does not make him an aircraft pilot.

Factually, an aircraft pilot just requires a minimum critical level of knowledge about avionics and flight theory for the purpose of being able to fly the plane, and this knowledge will keep on to further intensifying and increasing as he acquires experience flying a simulator or an actual plane.

In the same way if your trainer who is going to train you on the latest trends of industries and the skill set required in the industry has never worked with the industry or never had an exposure to the industry, then there are little chances of his being able to give you the insight on the skills.

You need to try to have an interaction with your trainer and ask about his past experiences in your specialized field and how much work he has done in the specific field before coming to the conclusion.

What are the options available nearby?

There are some franchisee of well-known brand like CADD CENTRE, CAD DESK, EDUCADD, CADDEX and few other options are available in their own brand name like CAD CREW TECHNOLOGIES, CETPA, Softcon, Hi-tech to name a few.

Each one has their own advantages and expertise but if you are willing to join a CAD training institute then you need to go through the above mentioned key deciders. This will definitely and fairly help you to groom your career.

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