If we think about engineering, the word has a meaning stating “act of working artfully to bring something about.” The said definition makes it a broad and diverse field.
There are “n” number of engineering field and many of those have their own subcategories.
From aviation to marine there are endless numbers of fields that rely on industries.
If you are looking to create a future in the field of design, you have plenty of options to choose from.
Let’s have a look on few engineering field where your design training can help you in securing better future.
To understand the impact of loads and material properties you have to create the structure of buildings which can withstand the different nature of force like Seismic load, Wind load, Dead Load, self-Load etc.
And for this understanding, you require a skill set through which you can create the ‘What if’ scenario in the virtual environment and help architects convert ideas in to reality.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the core field of engineering which deals with the design, construction and use of machines. As a matter of fact, machines are involved in every stage of life from daily needs to luxury life.
A mechanical engineer helps in creating designs and optimizing the resources by the skills and the learning of CAD. This will ensure the quality of products.

It is a branch of engineering that is concerned with industrial processes, especially continuous ones such as the production of petrochemicals.
So far as a process designer is concerned they can help in designing layout of plant. Through piping design they can produce an effective path with optimized resources. They can even help in designing and simulating the functions of pressure vessels, plant equipment and other peripherals used in process design industry.

CAD CREW Technologies which is a unit registered with MSME, came up with an initiative of providing concept driven training in the field of CAD/CAM/ CAE and PPM. The workforce of CAD CREW Technologies are industry experienced and the curriculum they offer is as per the industry requirement.

By completing our CAD programs, you can skill/ up-skill and prepare yourself for jobs in the above-mentioned branches of engineering.

Come and join us and give wings to your quest for excellence !