The Year 2020 shall be known for a unique shift in the job market. Companies now will be hiring candidates with multiple-skill-sets. Employment market shall no more be ‘qualification-driven’.

Increased technological advancements and the dominating influence of social media has today changed and transformed the modern workplace culture and accordingly hiring processes too have undergone a change.

There are predictable prospects that the influence of these two factors would only rise and grow stronger in 2020.

In view of astonishingly high attrition rates (i.e. employees leaving the jobs voluntarily or involuntarily) most of the companies would prefer to concentrate more on ‘attracting the right talent’ rather than just hiring people with qualifications.

The only constant factor in life is ‘Change’. Only a person who can adapt well to the changes can survive—and this is what the recruitment scene in 2020 would look like.
Instead of focusing on a candidate with limited sets of skills, employers would focus more on job seekers with multiple skill sets who would be able to handle changing demands of the job and adapt effectively to all situations/ challenges.

So, while you are looking for a job, you should also enroll for courses/ programs/ training exposures to learn new skills.

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